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Free and Open Source Software Conference (FrOSCon) - 2013 for the 8th time


August 23rd + 24th 2014


Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg
Grantham-Allee 20
53757 Sankt Augustin, Germany

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

On this page frequently asked question about FrOSCon are answered.

How much are the tickets?

Tickets cost 5 Euro for both days. For the first time we also have a supporter ticket for 42 Euro, to help FrOSCon out and get a warm feeling back. For companys or persons who want to support the conference by a bigger financial contribution we also offer business tickets. The normal business tickets costs 100,- Euro for both days. The business plus ticket costs 250,- Euro and contains a conference shirt, as well as catering. For the business tickets of course a receipt over the contribution will be handed out.

What is the business ticket?

The business ticket is the ideal ticket for participants who visit the conference  by order of their company and/or want to support FrOSCon. The normal business ticket costs 100 Euro for both days. The business plus ticket, which includes a conference shirt and catering, costs 250 Euro for both days. Of course a recepit will be handed out with it.

Do you have conference shirts?

Yes, but only by preordering. There will be no sale on the conference.

Can I pre-register?

The preregistration for 2014 has not started yet.

Do I have to pre-register?

No, to visit FrOSCon a preregistration is not necessary, but it helps us to organize everything.

Anything else besides lectures?

  • a bouncing castle
  • self-organised programs of different free and open source projects
  • big exhibition area
  • Social event on saturday evening

I'd like to give a talk...

The Call for Papers for 2014 has not yet started.

We'd like to get a project room...

The Call for Projects has not been started for 2014.

We'd like to exhibit...

To acquire a booth for a project, you have to participate at the Call for Projects which has not yet been started for 2014.

Companies have the possibility to choose one of our sponsor packages which include a booth. Of course, we will also compose an individual sponsoring package for you if you "only" want to represent your company with a booth. In both cases please contact

We'd like to support the event. How?

Next to individuall sponsoring agreements we also offer different sponsoring packages. Please send an email at sponsoren(at) to discuss further details. Our sponsoring team will contact you as fast as possible. For smaller contributions we recommand to buy a business ticket.

I'd like to help. How?

Please send an email at helfer(at) You will receive further instructions afterwards.

I'd like to write about FrOSCon? Whom should I contact to get more information?

Please send an email to: presse(at)

I need a wheelchair, can I come to FrOSCon?

All lecture halls are situated on the ground floor, the building is generally prepared for people with wheel chairs.




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