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FrOSCon 2012 Newsletter #3


The 3rd edition of the FrOSCon 2012 newsletter.

Dear friends of FrOSCon,

just a short reminder for anybody who wants to be involved in shaping FrOSCon's program: Our Call for Papers ends Wednesday, May 23! If you have a great idea for a talk, that you don't want our visitors to miss out on, please submit it at In 2012 there is also a PHP subconference, for wich you can submit talks within our Call for Papers as well.

Information on the Call for Papers is found at - Information on the subconference is found here:

Also our Call for Exhibitors ends Wednesday. If you want to present yourself with a booth, please register at

We are looking forward to all your exciting submissions. But as usual, looking through all of them can take a while. We are still sure that, with your help, we will have a great program once more.

So long,
Anita for the FrOSCon orga crew

Free and Open Source Software Conference
25. & 26.08.2012
Grantham-Allee 20, Sankt Augustin, Germany

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