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You will receive a batch at FrOSCon wich allows you to enter the conference and the exhibition free of charge. Our press team will answer all of your question you might have about FrOSCon.
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Finally the program for 2014 is published. Currently the subconference and developer rooms are still missing. Also minor changes can occur.

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Like in the last years we are again able to offer a Deutsche Bahn event ticket. With this ticket you can get to FrOSCon to a reasonable price even if you are spontaneus.

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26.07.2014, 10:51
We are searching for somebody interested in organizing a round of LightningTalks @froscon 9. Interested? Drop a mail:


25.07.2014, 10:56
@Zugschlus Weil das immer @formorer gemacht hat und auf der zeitgleich stattfindenden Debconf ist. /aki @stefan077 @jselzer


25.07.2014, 10:53
Retweet @stefan077: @jselzer hi, gibt im Raum BN in nächster Zeit eine key signing Party? Die auf der @froscon fällt ja aus :-(