Call for Papers FrOSCon 2017

As one of FrOSCons key features, volunteer speakers will hold a comprehensive range of talks and workshops covering current topics in the field of free and open source. Each year we focus on certain aspects. For 2017 these are:

  • Cooexisting with Bots - Why can't we be friends?
  • The Rise of Machine Learning - You Only Learn Once
  • Persistent Migration - The changing pace of software in the Open Source landscape
  • The days of plenty are over - Software Design Patterns in 2017

Our complete call for papers can be found here.

Call for Projects FrOSCon 2017

A big part of FrOSCon is the large exhibition area, where projects have the opportunity to present themselves and get in touch with users and developers. Moreover, we offer rooms for free and open Software projects to organize developer meetings or to present their own program for the visitors of the conference.

We would be pleased if your project would like to contribute to this year's FrOSCon and thus support the communication and exchange within the Open Source and Free Software community. Information about the possibilities of participation can be found here.

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For the 12th time we ask you to become a part of FrOSCon.

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We have a date, we have a place, now we need you!

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18.04.2017, 16:48
Call for paper and call for projects open! Workshop, booth, dev room - apply until May, 23rd:


12.04.2017, 00:00
@myriamjessier @terrorobe yes, that is exactly the idea behind it! It is not a rule we strictly enforced but kindly ask to follow. :)


11.04.2017, 17:54
Der CFP für die #FrOSCon12 im August ist ab sofort unter zu finden. Wir freuen uns auf eure Einreichungen.