Project and developer rooms

FrOSCon offers open source projects, companies and developers the opportunity to present themselves at the conference.  

Similar to the previous editions of the conference, we offer several smaller rooms for open source projects. You can use these rooms to organize specialized talks for your users, workshops but also for (internal) developer meetings.

Arch Linux - C117

Clojure Kickstart Workshop - C130

Clojure Kickstart Workshop

Clojure is a powerful programming language, offering fascinating ways on the JVM, CLR and the browser.

Beginners find starting with Clojure somewhat intimidating as Clojure does many things very differently compared to JavaScript, PHP, Python, Java or C#.
Syntax, philosophy, tooling, libraries: everything is new and unfamiliar.

The Clojure user group Bonn meets since 2013 on a monthly basis. Professionals and curious programmers exchange knowledge and ideas about Clojure and functional programming in general. We'll offer a free full-day kickstart workshop as part of the FrOSCon 2018 conference, starting Sunday 28.8.2018 for people with prior knowledge in some other programming language. The goal is to get a practical impression about working with Clojure.

We'll start with the installation of a simplified development environment and work in small groups and small steps on first exercises. We'll go with you as far as we can get!

de-RSE - C120


The term Research Software Engineer (RSE) refers to research people who know and care about the importance of good software development practice in science. In the German research community, the term RSE is still relatively new. Therefore, we want to present and discuss the activities of RSEs from the de-RSE Community ( at this year's FrOSCon in a special de-RSE workshop on 25.08.2018.
The workshop is aimed at researchers who themselves develop software and / or support others in the field of software development and to all those interested.

Distribute your desktop Linux applications with AppImage - A125

Distribute your desktop Linux applications with AppImage

AppImage is a format for distributing desktop apps to Linux users. Every application is bundled into a single file that has no dependencies other than what comes with the target systems (distributions) by default.

User stories:

"As a user, I want to download an application directly from the author and run it on my Linux desktop system, just as I would with a Windows or Mac application."

"As a software author, I want to provide applications for Linux desktop systems without having to put them into one distribution and without having to build for countless different distributions.

Freie Software Freunde e.V. -Mitgliederversammlung - C120

Freie Software Freunde e.V. -Mitgliederversammlung

FrOSCon PHP Track - C118

Hostsharing eG - C119

Hostsharing eG

Hostsharing eG is a community of people who operate websites and web applications according to the following principles. We want to host our applications independently, sustainably and technically perfect. In 2000, we set up a cooperative in order to achieve our goals as a strong and united community.

We offer hosting as it should be. And that for everyone. For private individuals, freelancers and associations as well as for larger organizations and companies. True to the cooperative principles, Hostsharing actively supports its members in the professional operation of web applications on the Internet.  

As a cooperative, Hostsharing does not work for profit, but exclusively in the interest of its members. Hostsharing translates all costs transparently and reinvests gains in hardware, reserves and the evolution of the operating platform. Open source software and open standards make us independent of proprietary technologies and the economic interests of other companies. Infrastructure and internal processes comply with the Federal Data Protection Act and the European Data Protection General Regulation (EU GDPR).

kivitendo - A129


Kivitendo ist eine betriebswirtschaftliche Open-Source-Software für die Bereiche Warenwirtschaft (Wawi) und Finanzbuchhaltung (Fibu) und steht unter einer freien Lizenz. Der Zugriff des Benutzers auf das System erfolgt über einen Webbrowser. Dadurch kann auf der Client-Seite ein beliebiges Betriebssystem eingesetzt werden.

Wie im letzten Jahr wollen wir das Treffen nutzen und ausbauen, um mit unseren Entwicklungspartner auch räumlich direkt zusammenarbeiten zu können.

Die Entwicklung ist auf github öffentlich einsehbar:

Using Ontologies as foundation for Web Accessibility tools - A131

As part of my PhD thesis I'm developing an ontology which models the guidelines for accessible web pages. This ontology can be used as foundation for different kinds of tools. As a Proof-of-Concept two tools are on development: A browser extension and and a plugin for Wordpress. The browser extension provides a semi-automatic way for evaluating the accessibility of web pages. If manual steps a necessary for evaluating certain aspects the user is guided through these steps. The plugin for Wordpress is designed to assist authors to create accessible content. Both tools will be available as beta version at the time of the FrOSCon. I want to use the FrOSCon as an opportunity the get feedback from potential users. Both tools can be tested  at the FrOSCon. The testers will be asked to fill out an anonymised questionnaire about their impressions of the tools.

WordPress Meetup Köln/Bonn - C125

WordPress Meetup Köln/Bonn

The Cologne und Bonn WordPress Meetups are the meeting place for the WordPress community in the Cologne area. We meet every first Wednesday of the month vom 19:00h at Coworking Bonn und every third Tuesday of the month from 18:30h in the STARTPLATZ in the Cologne Media Park.

Our Wordpress meetings art open to all interested parties, regardless of whether user, developer or entrepreneur and we look forward to seeing you.

During our meetings, it is usually about 1 hour to a specific topic and then is an open discussion / exchange round for all WordPress themes. We would also like to look at the bigger picture.

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