Project and developer rooms

FrOSCon offers open source projects, companies and developers the opportunity to present themselves at the conference.  

Similar to the previous editions of the conference, we offer several smaller rooms for open source projects. You can use these rooms to organize specialized talks for your users, workshops but also for (internal) developer meetings.

Arch Linux - Room C117

Arch Linux

Complementing the Arch project booth we plan an Arch DevRoom where selected presentations will give an overview of current trends and projects in the Arch space. Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Internet of Things,
  • Embedded Systems,
  • Packet mangement,
  • Ports to Non-Intel architectures,
  • Arch CI / Q/A,
  • Arch @ Cloud,
  • The state of the Wiki,
  • AUR.

EGroupware - Room C130


EGroupware is a web groupware with a history of almost 20 years. In the meantime, community development has evolved into a business-driven development supported by a small developer community. We want to meet and support this small developer community at the FrOSCon.


Freie Software Freunde e.V.

kivitendo - Room C125


Kivitendo ist eine betriebswirtschaftliche Open-Source-Software für die Bereiche Warenwirtschaft (Wawi) und Finanzbuchhaltung (Fibu).
Für den Betrieb von Kivitendo ist ein Linux-Server mit PostgreSQL-Datenbank und Perl sowie u.a. LaTeX -Paketen erforderlich.
Kivitendo wird von deutschsprachigen Firmen auf github entwickelt und ist u.a. bei der im Einsatz

LoRaWAN Community Summit - Room C219

Community Treffen der deutschen TTN / LoRaWAN Communities mit dem Ziel über eine gemeinsame Serverstruktur bzw. ein eigenes Public Network zu diskutieren. Vielleicht wird da auch langfristig eine eigene juristische Person (sprich Verein, Genossenschaft, etc.) daraus.

PHP - Room C118


privacyIDEA - Room C117


privacyIDEA is a modular authentication server that can be used to enhance the security of your existing applications like local login, VPN, remote access, SSH connections, access to web sites or web portals with two factor authentication. Originally it was used for OTP (One Time Password) authentication devices – being an OTP server. But other “devices” like challenge response, U2F, Yubikeys, Push Tokens, SSH keys and x509 certificates are also available. It runs on Linux and is completely Open Source, licensed under the AGPLv3.

privacyIDEA tries to be open in many ways. We try to provide best transparency: We host our code on github, so that you can monitor the development. The issue tracker at github is used, so that you can see, which topic is hot, what is coming up in the future and actually add your own requests! You are welcome to fork and issue pull requests and we are happy to accept those. You becoming a part of this project.

New features are planned in the github wiki. We are using to run our tests. privacyIDEA is not ruled by a single company alone. Thus when using privacyIDEA or getting involved you are not at the mercy of one single, revenue driven decision maker.

Sailfish OS (community event) - Room C120

Sailfish OS - a Linux based, mobile OS in productive use (community event)

A Linux based, "mobile" operating system in productive use

A meeting of people interested in Sailfish OS, its users, enthusiasts and developers for exchanging thoughts, experience etc. about this alternative operating system for mobile devices.

Die Veranstaltung ist für Deutsch- und Englisch-sprachige Besucher geeignet.
The event suits both German- and English-language visitors.

Location: room C120

Time: See schedule for room C120, starting at 2 p.m. on Saturday, 2019-08-10.

Goals of this meeting

  • Providing FrOSCon visitors with a short introduction of Sailfish OS and the ability to take a look at it on real devices.
  • A chance to meet Sailfish OS users for exchanging experience with Sailfish OS, native apps, device support of Sailfish OS, the AlienDalvik Android runtime environment, using Android apps with it etc.
  • An occasion for developers using Sailfish OS to meet and discuss.
  • Providing a space for short talks related to Sailfish OS (max. 15 minutes duration).
  • Assessing if there is sufficient interest in establishing a monthly meeting in Bonn.

Note: Everybody, please bring all your Sailfish OS devices with you, which you are willing to show to others, so we have a large assortment of devices there.

Web links

WordPress Meetup Koeln/Bonn & CMS Garden - Room C119

WordPress Meetup Koeln/Bonn & CMS Garden

The WordPress Meetup Cologne/Bonn is a group of WordPress developers, designers and publishers who get together every month to share our knowledge and experience, and to meet other WordPress users in the area. The WordPress meetup is open to all who love WordPress—join us!

In cooperation with:

The CMS Garden e.V. is an association that sees itself as the umbrella organization of German OpenSource CMS systems. Together we form a marketing community at most computer, internet and trade fairs. We create the direct and fast contact for inquiries from all areas of the digital world, be it a user, who finds "his" suitable CMS system with us, or the public hand, which would like to make the Internet generally safer. In addition, we represent the interests of our members.

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