Project and developer rooms

FrOSCon offers open source projects, companies and developers the opportunity to present themselves at the conference.  

Similar to the previous editions of the conference, we offer several smaller rooms for open source projects. You can use these rooms to organize specialized talks for your users, workshops but also for (internal) developer meetings.



Matrix is an open network for secure, decentralised real-time communication.

Matrix is decentralised. This means there is no single authority, which owns your communication. Matrix gives the control over communication back to users.

Matrix is federated. This means you can run your own (open sourced) Matrix server (called home-server) and still communicate to the whole network. You can decide which rooms to share with the network and which to leave private to your home-server.

With ton of bridges Matrix can connect to other (proprietary and open) networks and bridge them into Matrix. This way you can have all your conversations in one place and on all of your devices.

Thanks to End-to-End-Encryption (short E2EE) Matrix secures your data so that even the home-server cannot decrypt it.

Encrypted voice and video calls using WebRTC are also supported.

Integration and widgets is also a unique feature for Matrix, which allows you to embed web content directly in the Matrix room.

We have a big and friendly community, join us at ( !



pySNA is a simple Python Parser to convert Social Networks into a NetworkX graph and export it to Cytoscape, Gephi. Within the humanities, in particular in the field of social network analysis (SNA) we are missing OS software. Thus, pySNA is intended to fill this gap and to help implementing workflows, in particular for history and  theology. Upcoming new features are the evaluation of a graphical frontend and knowledge graphs.

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