The following projects and companies will present themselves with a booth at FrOSCon (this list represents the current status and gets updated continuously):

B1 Systems GmbH

B1 Systems GmbH is a provider of Linux/Open Source consulting, training, development & support services.

Our team of about 100 Linux experts offers tailor-made solutions based on virtualization, HA & cloud computing as well as monitoring, system & configuration management. We contribute to upstream development and thus turn Open Source innovation into Enterprise reliability & performance — nationally & internationally.

CSPi - Sichere IT

CSPi - Sichere IT

What is our company about?
CSPi (NASDAQ: CSPI) is a multinational public company with location in Germany, UK and US. We are a dedicated managed security service provider and security consulting company. Our assets are deep IT security and process know-how as well as strong partnerships to leading security vendors and our customers. In total CSPi has about 300 employees, around 100 in Germany.
Founded 1976 as MODCOMP Inc. in US as a vendor for process computers and signal data processing we started very early to investigate IT security issues in Unix environments. Ever since IT security is a fundamental pillar of our service portfolio. Our focus today is dedicated on security and data privacy witch reflects our portfolio that starts from PEN-Testing, Security Audits, Security consulting up to managed security services. We are focus partner of all mayor security vendors and highly certified within mayor products and technologies. In 2015 we rebranded entirely to CSPi as the only remaining international brand.
In short, CSPI stands for secure IT.

Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt (DLR)

Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt (DLR)

DLR is the national aeronautics and space research centre of the Federal Republic of Germany. Its extensive research and development work in aeronautics, space, energy, transport and security is integrated into national and international cooperative ventures. In addition to its own research, as Germany’s space agency, DLR has been given responsibility by the federal government for the planning and implementation of the German space programme. DLR is also the umbrella organisation for the nation’s largest project execution organisation.

DLR's mission comprises the exploration of Earth and the Solar System and research for protecting the environment. This includes the development of environment-friendly technologies for energy supply and future mobility, as well as for communications and security.

DLR at a glance: youtu.be/_YLqGAiEOs0

INFOnline GmbH

INFOnline GmbH

With over ten years of experience in digital audience measurements, INFOnline is a capable partner for you.

With our new generation of scalable central measurement procedures – known as SZMnG – and a high-performing measurement infrastructure, we measure the hits your websites, apps and mobile-enabled websites receive.


inovex is an IT project house with a focus on digital transformation.
Over 250 consultants and IT engineers support companies in digitising their core competencies and implementing new value-added models. inovex's portfolio includes web and mobile development, business intelligence, big data and search, data centre automation and cloud infrastructures. inovex has offices in Karlsruhe, Pforzheim, Munich, Cologne, Hamburg and Stuttgart and is involved in projects across Germany.

ip.labs GmbH

ip.labs GmbH

ip.labs is the leading photo service software provider offering the complete portfolio of photo service and Web-to-Print Solutions. Our successful Cross (X) Concept is the only solution on the market which provides the same consistent user experience across Web, desktop and mobile apps on different operating systems. About 70 employees are working on our applications to make them intuitive, flexible and mobile! Founded in Bonn in 2003, ip.labs is today part of the FUJIFILM Group. The clear focus on digital imaging solutions has helped us to attract a team of leading software architects, developers, designers, and experienced industry experts, all backed by a strong project management and experienced quality assurance professionals, dedicated to providing constant innovation and cutting edge photo service solutions.

LeanIX GmbH

LeanIX GmbH

LeanIX helps companies become digital champions in their industry. With the SaaS-based information hub, companies make better and faster decisions on how to constantly reinvent their IT architecture. LeanIX establishes the 360-degree transparency needed to reduce complexity in the IT landscape, ensures compliance and enables growth through adopting state-of-the-art technology. At the core of the Enterprise Architecture Management solution is an intelligent IT inventory that makes up-to-date information of the IT landscape easily accessible for all relevant staff. More than 80 leading brands such as Adidas, Merck or Zalando trust LeanIX and its innovative solution.

Linux Professional Institute

Linux Professional Institute

LPI is the global certification standard and career support organization for open source professionals. With more than 500,000 exams delivered, it's the world's first and largest vendor-neutral Linux and open source certification body. LPI has certified professionals in 181 countries, delivers exams in 9 languages, and has over 400 training partners. LPI Central Europe represents the Linux Professional Institute as a Master Affilite in the countries Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia and Switzerland.

Beta exams for DevOps at FrOSCon
In cooperation with DevOps and open source communities, the LPI has now for the first time developed exams for DevOps. Important competences in the ICT sector thus become verifiable. Beta tests will be held at the FrOSCon on August 19 and 20 in Sankt Augustin. Graduates will receive a full LPIC-OT DevOps Tools Engineer certificate without having to pay for it.

Further information: www.lpi.org/devops and fb.com/lpidach/


MySQL is the most popular open-source database in the world and has been downloaded or distributed by MySQL sites over 100 million times. With its outstanding speed, reliability, and ease of use, MySQL has become the preferred choice for Web, Web 2.0, SaaS, ISV, and telecom companies, as well as IT managers because it eliminates the main problems associated with downtime, maintenance and administration Of up-to-date online applications. Many large, fast-growing companies achieve significant cost and time savings through the use of MySQL as a foundation for high-frequency Web sites and business-critical business applications, as well as the integration of MySQL into their software solutions. Visit www.mysql.com.

NetKnights GmbH

NetKnights GmbH is an independent security company which provides services and products in the areas of strong authentication (2FA), identity management and encryption. Securing the customers digital identity is the principal task of the NetKnights. We use our market knowledge and experiences from international projects in two factor authentication, SSO in the cloud, public key infrastructures (PKI), hardware security modules and one time passwords (OTP) to support our customers at all points. We provide independent consulting and implement software products forming the final solution at your site. The NetKnights love opensource. And thus NetKnights are developing in leading position the opensource two factor authentication system privacyIDEA, which we also present here at FrOSCon: privacyidea.org



RedTeam Pentesting GmbH

Since it's inception in 2004 RedTeam Pentesting has supported numerous national and international companies with penetration tests and evolved into a sought-after service provider for penetration tests throughout the world. Thanks to our specialization solely on penetration tests we are able to objectively advice our customers on a technically very high standard.

In teams of three we examine any kind of IT system, like web applications, large networks and embedded systems, for security vulnerabilities. For this we are traveling around the world and for the most part only use open source software. For our cooperative documentation we use LaTex and GIT repositories. We love to contribute to open source projects and like to pass on our knowledge of free software and security problems at conferences.

For our headquarters in Aachen we are looking for reinforcement for our team:


Reply specialises in the design and implementation of solutions based on new communication channels and digital media. Through its network of specialist companies, Reply supports some of Europe’s leading industrial groups in Telco & Media, Industry & Services, Banks & Insurance, and Public Administration to define and develop business models, suited to the new paradigms of Big Data, Cloud Computing, Digital Media and the Internet of Things. Reply services include: Consulting, System Integration and Digital Services. www.reply.com


Since 1996, //SEIBERT/MEDIA has been a professional Internet service provider with international locations in Wiesbaden, Germany and San Diego, USA. About 140 employees form this company and interdisciplinary teams in all areas of our organization focus on agile software development. These include Scrum and Kanban as organizational concepts. We cover all facets of strategy, consulting, design, software development, and operating together with security. Together, we want to create a business world in which it is understood that real collaboration within teams leads to optimal results. In order to achieve this, we advise and support our customers with suitable and collaborative software solutions. We are convinced that our actions need to be guided by the principles of openness, trust, and self-determination.

tarent solutions

tarent presents: The ultimate tech-rating!

tarent is based in Bonn and Berlin and develops innovative software solutions for enterprises and public institutions since 1996. In addition to traditional IT services, the software developer continues to expand its product business in the retail sector. Around 200 highly-skilled employees integrate industry-leading products and specialised applications into complex IT landscapes and take responsibility for the design, implementation, maintenance and operation.

We rely on modern technology, Open Source and agile development methods. As an employer, we stress the importance of participation in business decisions and excellent training opportunities for our employees.

At FrOSCon, this year tarent hosts the ultimate tech-rating. Visitors at the booth will be able to choose five out of their favourite technologies. At the same time, you will get to know our product „sellfio“ by scanning your favourite technologies with the tarent Smart-Cart. We are looking forward to your visit at our booth and to get involved into technology discussions.

More information at www.tarent.de/en.

telexiom AG

telexiom AG

telexiom AG has been defined by its professional work in the following main sectors since 2008: management consulting, IT-business, project management, software development and quality management.

Our team, consisting of 130 employees, is characterized by its customer-oriented, targeted and future-focused consultancy services. In addition, it stands out due to long-term experiences in the realisation of management concepts, profound strategies and the implementation of IT-solutions.

Since we set great value upon personal cooperation, we always support and counsel our clients on the spot, which includes telecommunications providers, insurance businesses, automobile manufacturers and energy providers.

Currently, we are preparing to increase our staff to 200 employees by 2018.


trivago is a hotel search which empowers more than 120 million travelers every month in their search for the ideal hotel. At trivago Software Engineers, UX Designers and Product Managers from all over the world work in close collaboration with the newest technologies, considering the latest design trends and agile methodologies to constantly improve trivago.


The WhereGroup provides advisory and technical support on mapping technologies and Geographical Information Systems (GIS, WebGIS) with Free and Open Source Software (FOSS). The services comprise the full range of FOSS geographical information technologies covering design, implementation, training, operation and maintenance of web based service architectures for spatial data. More Information on www.wheregroup.com.

1C Open Community

1C Open Community wurde vor kurzem gegründet um die Entwicklung von Open Source Applikationen auf Basis von 1C:Enterprise-Plattform zu fördern und unterstützen.

Mit Hilfe von 1C:Enterprise Development Tools, die auf Eclipse basiert sind, kann man schnell Geschäfts-Anwendungen erstellen. So erstellte Applikationen können dann sowohl unter Windows als auch unter Linux und Mac OS X betrieben werden, sowie auf mobilen Plattformen unter Android, iOS und Windows Mobile.

Es gibt bereits eine Reihe von Entwicklungen, die unter Open Source oder ählichen Lizenzen veröffentlicht sind:

- PersonalMoney ist eine mobile Applikation um private Finanzen zu verwalten

- 1C:SubsystemsLibrary ist eine Programm-Bibliothek für Anwendungsentwickler 

- 1C:Accounting Suite ist ein Warenwirtschaftssystem für kleine Unternehmen

Adblock Plus

Apache OpenOffice

Apache OpenOffice, ein Apache-Top-Level-Projekt, ist die führende Freie Bürosoftware und eine internationale Gemeinschaft zur Entwicklung und Promotion derselben und zur Unterstützung ihrer Nutzer. Apache OpenOffice ist das Ergebnis von über dreißigähriger kontinuierlicher Softwareentwicklung und bereits millionenfach im Gebrauch.

Apache OpenOffice ist:

• Writer – die Textverarbeitung

• Calc – die Tabellenkalkulation

• Impress – für Präsentationen

• Draw – das Zeichnungsmodul

• Base – die Datenbank

• Math – der Formeleditor

Erweiterungen erhöhen den Funktionsumfang: extensions.openoffice.org

Apache OpenOffice unterstützt das Open Document Format (ODF), ermöglicht den Dateiaustausch über Betriebssystemgrenzen, hat umfangreiche Import und Exportfilter, unterstützt viele Sprachen und ist Freie Software seit mehr als 15 Jahren.  Apache OpenOffice "The Free and Open Productivity Suite".

Apache OpenOffice ist aber nicht nur ein ausgereiftes Softwareprodukt, sondern auch eine weltweite Gemeinschaft von Entwicklern, Autoren von Dokumentationen, Übersetzern, und Helfern für Anwender.  Apache OpenOffice ist eins von über 170 Apache-Top-Level-Projekten und damit Teil einer großartigen Gemeinschaft.


CAcert.org is a community-driven Certificate Authority that issues certificates to the public at large for free.


CAcert's goal is to promote awareness and education on computer security through the use of encryption, specifically by providing cryptographic certificates. These certificates can be used to digitally sign and encrypt email, authenticate and authorize users connecting to websites and secure data transmission over the internet. Any application that supports the Secure Socket Layer Protocol (SSL or TLS) can make use of certificates signed by CAcert, as can any application that uses X.509 certificates, e.g. for encryption or code signing and document signatures.


During Froscon we offer assurances and inform about news at CAcert.

CMS Garden e.V.

Ever wondered which CMS is best – or the best suitable for you? You have researched and all you ever found out is that every content management system claims to be the best, the most easiest to use, modern and with unlimited possibilities?


Now at CMS Garden your quest comes to an end. All the relevant open source CMSs in one place: compare and decide. You are very welcome to improve our coverage. Brought to you by the communities themselves - welcome to the Garden where all the plants grow peacefully side by side!


coreboot is an Open Source project aimed at replacing the proprietary BIOS (firmware) found in most computers. coreboot performs a little bit of hardware initialization and then executes additional boot logic, called a payload.


With the separation of hardware initialization and later boot logic, coreboot can scale from specialized applications that run directly from firmware, run operating systems in flash, load custom bootloaders, or implement firmware standards, like PC BIOS services or UEFI. This allows for systems to only include the features necessary in the target application, reducing the amount of code and flash space required as well as reducing the attack surface.

Dante e.V.

Dante is the usergroup for German-speaking TeX and LaTeX users. Founded 1989 Dante supports the development and distribution of TeX.


EasyGPG is a project to improve the user experience of end-to-end cryptography based on OpenPGP for email.


As part of EasyGPG, a new trust model was designed which allows to automate key creation and cert exchange. To allow for better GPG key/certificate discovery and distribution, the existing relationship between user and email service provider (ESP) serves as a basis for the Web Key Discovery (WKD) and Web Key Service (WKS) IETF standards drafts. To make this functionality available to end users, the EasyGPG project implements the email client side for Thunderbird, Kontact Mail and Outlook. Besides that, EasyGPG works on improving the usability for Thunderbird and Kontact Mail by adding comfort options for storing encrypted emails.


The Department of Computer Science at Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences currently is evaluating a rollout of the WKD service as well as improved Thunderbird software to allow all students to communicate easily and securely with professors and staff via GPG-encrypted email.


ElectroBSD ist ein hoffentlich vollständig freies und

reproduzierbares Betriebssystem.

Es eignet sich für den Betrieb von Web-Servern, Tor-Relays

und Onion Services, läuft aber auch auf Laptops. Für Installation und

Administration sind derzeit noch Unix-Kenntnisse notwendig,

eingerichtete Systeme können aber auch von Einsteigern genutzt werden.


Fedora is a Linux-based operating system that provides users with access to the latest free and open source software, in a stable, secure and easy to manage form. Fedora is the largest of many free software creations of the Fedora Project. Because of its predominance, the word "Fedora" is often used interchangeably to mean both the Fedora Project and the Fedora operating system.


flashrom is a utility for identifying, reading, writing, verifying and erasing flash chips. It is designed to flash BIOS/EFI/coreboot/firmware/optionROM images on mainboards, network/graphics/storage controller cards, and various other programmer devices.


flashrom supports hundreds of different flash chips, flash controllers, mainboards, PCI devices, USB devices and various programmers. flashrom supports various flash interfaces and chip packages. No physical access needed, just root. No instant reboot needed. Reflash your chip in a running system, verify it, be happy. The new firmware will be present next time you boot. Crossflashing and hotflashing is possible for recovery purposes as long as the flash chips are electrically and logically compatible.

flashrom supports DOS, Linux, FreeBSD (including Debian/kFreeBSD), NetBSD, OpenBSD, DragonFlyBSD, anything Solaris-like, Mac OS X, other Unix-like OSes, GNU Hurd and Windows (partially).


Wie in den letzten Jahren auch, würden Nica und ich uns freuen FLOSS Artikel aller Art anbieten zu können. 

Natürlich unterstützen wir euch wieder beim Verkauf der FrOScon Shirts :-)

Mitbringen würden wir die bekannte AUswahl an T-Shirts, Tassen, OpenPGP Smartcards und Zubehör, sowie andere Gadgets.


FOSSGIS ist die Abkürzung für Freie und Open

Source Software für Geoinformationssysteme.

Der FOSSGIS e.V. ist ein eingetragener, gemeinnütziger

Verein. Ursprünglich im Jahre 2000 als

GRASS-Anwender-Vereinigung e.V. (GAV) gegründet,

frmiert er seit dem September 2008 als


Der FOSSGIS e.V. hat sich zum Ziel gesetzt, freie

Software aus dem GIS-Bereich und freie Geodaten

zu fördern und deren Verbreitung zu vergrö-


Die wichtigsten Ziele des FOSSGIS e.V. sind:

• Bereitstellung freier GIS Software und freier Daten

sowie die Förderung ihrer Verfügbarkeit

• Förderung der Bildung, des Meinungsaustauschs

und der Zusammenarbeit von Anwendern,

Entwicklern und Forschern

• Information der Öfentlichkeit

• Organisation von Kongressen und Vorträgen

• Forschung und Diskussion über die Auswirkungen

freier Informationswerke auf Gesellschaft

und Wissenschaft

Zusätzlich vertritt der FOSSGIS e.V. die OSGeo

Foundation als Local Chapter im deutschsprachigen

Raum und ist Ansprechpartner für das OpenStreetMap-Projekt

in Deutschland.

Free Software Foundation Europe

Free Software Foundation Europe is a charity that empowers users to control technology.


Software is deeply involved in all aspects of our lives. It is important that this technology empowers rather than restricts us. Free Software gives everybody the rights to use, understand, adapt and share software. These rights help support other fundamental rights like freedom of speech, freedom of press and privacy.


Free Software Foundation Europe:


* helps individuals and organisations to understand how Free Software contributes to freedom, transparency, and self-determination.

* enhances users' rights by abolishing barriers to Free Software adoption.

* encourages people to use and develop Free Software.

* provides resources to enable everyone to further promote Free Software in Europe.

Freie Software Freunde e.V.

Wir sind ein gemeinnütziger Verein in Düsseldorf. Wir setzen uns für Freie Software und Offene Standards ein.

 Wir wollen ein Bewusstsein für die Bedeutung Freier Software und Offener Standards schaffen. Wir kümmern uns daher um die Themen abseits der Technik: Politik, Bildung, Ethik, Psychologie, Ökologie und Ökonomie, Lizenzen, …

Wir sind Lobbyisten. Wir organisieren Veranstaltungen. Wir halten Vorträge und Workshops. Wir publizieren. Wir setzen uns für einen freien und gleichberechtigten Zugang zu technischem Wissen für alle ein. 

Auf der FrOSCon präsentieren wir u.a. unser Projekt FYMT (= Free Your Model Train): freie-software.org/free-your-model-train/

Wir wollen damit Freie Software und Offene Standards aus der „IT-Ecke“ befreien und durch dieses Projekt technikaffine Menschen von ihren Vorteilen überzeugen. Wir wollen mit Menschen ins Gespräch kommen, die Freie Software und Offene Standards oft nicht einmal als Begriffe kennen.


Geany is a small and lightweight Integrated Development Environment. 

It was developed to provide a small and fast IDE, which has only a 

few dependencies from other packages. Another goal was to be as 

independent as possible from a special Desktop Environment - 

Geany only requires the GTK runtime libraries. 


The developers continously try to add new cool and useful features 

while keeping the core clean and fast.


Gentoo is a free operating system based on either Linux or FreeBSD that can be automatically optimized and customized for just about any application or need.

Extreme configurability, performance and a top-notch user and developer community are all hallmarks of the Gentoo experience.


Come to the Gentoo booth and have a talk with our developers, compile your own Gentoo button, and get some of the Gentoo swag which you always wanted!


GPG4Libre extends Libreoffice with the ability to seamlessly sign and encrypt OpenDocument documents with GPG. The ultimate goal is seamless and transparent integration of encryption and signing functionality while maintaining backward compatibility and without needing any additional files (e.g. for signature data).


GPG4Libre is currently in early beta and the necessary changes in Libreoffice are usable in demo form at our booth, but we expect mainline integration to happen after FrOSCon.

Hostsharing eG

The Hostsharing eG is in 2000 founded cooperative provider which is obliged as a strong, united co-operative of the Open-Source philosophy and a Hostingplattform (main focus: Debian) pursues.  

Founded by Open Source and Internet enthusiasts it is a classical Community-spin-off, with 170 members currently itself for data protection, transparency and co-determination and exclusively for the application of Open Source solutions use.

For the administration the software HSAdmin resulted under an Open Source licence has originated. 

With it members and their customers can configure synchronically her packages. For this a webfrontend, server-sided script and a remote API are available. With the remote API many duties can be automated, e.g., with Ansible.

invis Server

invis servers are Active Directory based servers for small and micro-enterprises based on openSUSE Linux. They offer comprehensive services in terms of office automation, network organization and data management - from DHCP to ERP. They are characterized by their ease of use and administration. The project aims to micro and small businesses, with the opportunity, administrative activities such as network integration of new PCs and printers without any IT-skills, as well as IT service providers to give a system for simple building complete server appliances for the small business sector to the hand.


kivitendo ist eine Open-Source Warenwirtschaft, die keine Einschränkungen bei der Anzahl Nutzern, Mandanten, Artikelmenge oder Funktionen beinhaltet und somit eine echte Alternative in dem ansonsten eher kommerziell geprägten Markt der betriebswirtschaftlichen Standard-Software ist.

Die Philosophie dahinter?

kivitendo heißt auf suaheli: "praktisch" und diese Philosophie spiegelt sich im gemeinschaftlichen Programmieren, als auch im Software-Design wieder.


metasfresh is the most active Free & Open Source ERP project worldwide with a dedicated community delivering an easy and mobile to use, though customizable React JS Web interface connected via a REST API with the scaleable backend providing multi-threaded async processing of mass data.


Besides the modern technical framework metasfresh is a suitable ERP-System for companies starting from one user up to hundreds of users covering most of enterprises needs: CRM, sales, purchasing, manufacturing, warehousing, accounting and logistics.


At the Froscon booth you will meet Experts from the metasfresh Community answering question regarding feature, technology and the community organization.


(Source for project activity: www.openhub.net/p/metasfresh )


neuropil is a small messaging library which by default adds two layers of encryption. 

It allows you to address devices, applications, persons worldwide without compromise for privacy or security requirements.


on one hand neuropil tries to deliver highly dynamic, scalable cluster of system, on the other hand it recognizes the need for high

security requirements and privacy.


the neuropil library offers (among other features):

- an automated discovery of data channels across enterprises

- an end-to-end encryption between paticipating systems, applications or devices

- protection of devices from big payloads

- a high scalability without the need for a central infrastructure

- attribute-based authorization of data exchange

- a central governance but a de-central message exchange

Open Roberta Lab

The Roberta Initiative “Learning with Robots” was started more than 10 years ago by Fraunhofer in Germany with the objective to get kids interrested in technology and science by using robotic kits. The project provides a gender sensitive course concept and materials for teachers to run coding classes. The idea of the developement of the Open Roberta Lab is to provide a simple and easy to use programming environment for everybody.


The Open Roberta® Lab is an open source programming environment, developed to introduce kids to program robots and microcontrollers. The software is a web application running in the browser. Users program robots using a Blockly-based graphical programming language called NEPO®. A simulation is available for those who don't have a real robot. Since more than two years <https://lab.open-roberta.org/> is online and had over 40.000 visits in 2016 across 100 countries. 


The backend is written in Java. It provides user management and robot support in the form of an evolving plugin system. Each robot subsystem handles code generation and communication with the robot. As of now the project comes with 6 different robot plugins:

* EV3 LEGO Mindstorms 

* NXT LEGO Mindstorms

* BBC micro:bit 

* Calliope mini

* Bot’n Roll, Arduino-based

* NAO, a humanoide robot


While the software is stable and widely used, we're looking for new ideas, but also help on existing ideas to develop the project further.


OpenProject is a web-based project management software written in Ruby-on-Rails and AngularJS.


The openSUSE project is a worldwide effort that promotes the use of Linux everywhere. openSUSE creates one of the world's best Linux distributions, working together in an open, transparent and friendly manner as part of the worldwide Free and Open Source Software community.


The project is controlled by its community and relies on the contributions of individuals, working as testers, writers, translators, usability experts, artists and ambassadors or developers. The project embraces a wide variety of technology, people with different levels of expertise, speaking different languages and having different cultural backgrounds.


Access, Sync and Share Your Data, Under Your Control!

ownCloud is a self-hosted file sync and share server. It provides access to your data through a web interface, sync clients or WebDAV while providing a platform to view, sync and share across devices easily — all under your control. ownCloud’s open architecture is extensible via a simple but powerful API for applications and plugins and it works with any storage.


Privoxy ist ein freier HTTP-Proxy und dient dem Schutz der Privatsphäre.

Privoxy verändert im Auftrag des Nutzers HTTP-Anfragen und -Antworten

und verhindert Anfragen zu unerwünschten Zielen, z.B. um Tracking

durch Dritte zu erschweren oder Werbung zu unterdrücken.


Imagine running your favorite Windows applications and drivers in an open-source environment you can trust. That's ReactOS, a modern open-source operating system!


ReactOS has been written from scratch and aims to be fully compatible with Windows applications and drivers. On top of that, it has adoped a similar look and feel to retain familiarity. The entire source code is available under free licenses.


The unique ability of ReactOS to run applications and drivers written for Windows makes it the open-source operating system with the broadest hardware and software support. Additionally, it is based on the design of the NT kernel, which is known for its scalability, portability and performance. Besides the well-known Win32 support, it also enables additional subsystems like POSIX or the already implemented DOS VDM.


There are many different ways to contribute to ReactOS, even without prior knowledge of the Windows internals. It's best to first install ReactOS in a virtual machine to try it out. Based on your interests and experience, you can then participate as a translator, tester or developer. We also look for developers on a scholarship basis. Just ask us about that at our booth.


Web: www.reactos.org

IRC: ircs://irc.freenode.net/#reactos


Der Zweck des Vereins ist die Förderung der Sicherheit im Internet und die Unterstützung von Anwendern bei der Anwendung sicherer Kommunikation.

Wir erklären die Unterschiede, Vor- und Nachteile von PGP und x.509-Zertifikaten und geben auch weitere Informationen, um sich sicherer im Internet zu bewegen.


Turris Omnia is a unique router. It is powered by Turris OS - free software

based on OpenWRT with a lot of improvements like automatic updates,

collective/adaptive firewall, honeypots, and comfortable LXC integration. The

software is constantly getting better and better and you can contribute to

make it even more awesome (and yours).

The hardware is really powerful. ARMv7 CPU with two cores on 1.6GHz means

smooth gigabit throughput with enough power for much more! Together with 1 or

2GB of RAM and 8GB of eMMC running BTRFS, it can be used as a server not only

at home. Wired connection is supplied by 1Gbit WAN port and 5Gbit LAN ports.

You can extend even the HW thanks to SFP cage for fiber modules, 3x miniPCIe

for eg. Wi-Fi or LTE (SIM slot prepared on board, miniPCIe modem needed),

I2C, SPI, GPIO, JTAG and open serial console header. One of the miniPCIe slots

can be also used as mSATA for upgrading the storage. Connecting standard SATA

drives is also possible via miniPCIe-SATA card. Omnia has internal power

connector prepared for this already so you can make a NAS of Omnia without

any external PSU. Like IoT? Connect your favorite network via miniPCIe card!

WPIA - World Privacy and Identity Association

Auf dem Stand verfolgen wir das Ziel, dem Publikum unseren Verein vorzustellen.

Am 10. Dezember 2016, dem Tag der Menschenrechte, wurde der Verein World Privacy and Identity Association von 17 Personen, die sich über viele Jahre hinweg mit den Themen Sicherheit, Kryptographie, Betrieb einer CA befassen, gegründet.

Der Sitz des Vereins ist Graz, Österreich. 

Die WPIA macht es sich zur Aufgabe, u.a.

zur Erarbeitung und Anwendung von Lösungen beizutragen, mit denen jeder Einzelne seine Rechte auf Wahrung der Vertraulichkeit sowie Wahrung seiner persönlichen Identität und Integrität stärken und durchsetzen kann.

Es gibt dazu eine ständige laufende Präsentation auf einem Bildschirm sowie gedrucktes Informationsmaterial in deutscher und englischer Sprache. Unsere anwesenden Repräsentanten stehen Rede und Antwort.

Wir werden einige gedruckte Exemplare der Satzung in deutsch und englisch bereithalten. Anhand der Satzung können sich Interessierte über die Ziele, die Mittel zur Zielerreichung und die Organe des Vereins informieren. Ein wichtiges Organ stellt die Schiedskommission dar, die im Fall von Streitigkeiten angerufen wird und zu deren Aufgaben die Installation und Begleitung eines schiedsrichterlichen Verfahrens gehört. Die von der UN Commission for International Trade Law (UNCITRAL) ausgearbeiteten „Model Law on International Commercial Arbitration 1985 With amendments as adopted in 2006“ [1] Regeln wurden übernommen und auf unseren Verein angepasst. Da wir uns hier aber sehr eng an die Vorlage gehalten haben, erreichen wir auch die Anerkennung unserer Schiedsgerichtsbarkeit in allen Ländern, die ihrerseits die Regeln von UNCITRAL anerkennen. Zu diesen Ländern gehören neben vielen anderen auch die Republik Österreich und die Bundesrepublik Deutschland.

Wer kann bei WPIA Mitglied werden?

In der Satzung ist eine ordentliche und außerordentliche Mitgliedschaft vorgesehen. Die ordentliche Mitgliedschaft steht allen natürlichen Personen offen. Die außerordentliche Mitgliedschaft steht juristischen Personen offen.

Die Beiträge werden je nach Land unterschiedlich erhoben. Die Beitragsstaffel richtet sich nach der Rangordnung der Weltbank. [2]

Warum gründet der Verein eine Betriebsgesellschaft?

Der Verein ist nach seiner Satzung ausschließlich gemeinnützig tätig. Ein wirtschaftlicher Betrieb kann dazu führen, dass dem Verein die Gemeinnützigkeit aberkannt wird. Das ist zunächst ein rein steuerrechtlicher Grund. Sodann hat die Betriebsgesellschaft eine klar abgegrenzte Aufgabe. Sie kümmert sich um alle rechenzentrumsnahen Tätigkeiten. Das Tätigkeitsspektrum des Vereins ist aber viel größer und weiter gefasst.

Warum gründet der Verein zusätzlich eine Genossenschaft?

Der Markt der CAs ist international komplex und nicht wirklich leicht zu durchschauen. Zum einen haben die CAs mit den Browser-Herstellern gemeinsam ein Forum geschaffen, in dem Regeln zur Erstellung von Zertifikaten definiert werden. Es gibt also nicht nur den RFC 5820! Im CA/Browser (CA/B)-Forum wird zumindest versucht, einen einheitlichen Standard zu definieren. In der Vergangenheit gab es „nur“ den RFC 5820 und dieses Regularium erlaubt nun mehr als das CA/B-Forum. Insbesondere wurde im CA/B-Forum festgelegt, dass Extended Validated Certificates nur ausgestellt werden dürfen, wenn die CA ein Audit bestanden hat und für jeden einzelnen Schadensfall eine Versicherung in Höhe von 2 Millionen Dollar nachweist. Verzichtet die CA auf den Nachweis der Versicherung, muss sie den Betrag von 500 Millionen Dollar in bar und für den Zweck der Schadensbegrenzung bereithalten.

Man sieht an diesen Bestimmungen, dass ein normaler Verein hier gestresst wird. Mit der Errichtung einer Genossenschaft aber haben wir Möglichkeiten, die geforderten Bedingungen nachzuweisen. Damit wird unser Verein auch für kleinere Betriebe interessant.

Halten wir also fest:

Der Verein will allen Menschen helfen, in der digitalen Welt ihre Rechte auf Unversehrtheit, Privatsphäre  und Identität durchzusetzen. Mit einer belastbaren PKI wird hier ein Instrument zur Zielerreichung geschaffen. Die gewählten Organisationsformen dienen ausschließlich dazu, Rechte durchzusetzen. Wir verkaufen keine Zertifikate! Es gibt keinen Zwischenhandel!


Xfce is a lightweight desktop environment for UNIX-like operating systems. 

It aims to be fast and low on system resources, while still being visually 

appealing and user friendly.


Xfce embodies the traditional UNIX philosophy of modularity and re-usability. 

It consists of a number of components that provide the full functionality one 

can expect of a modern desktop environment. They are packaged separately and 

you can pick among the available packages to create the optimal personal 

working environment.


Another priority of Xfce is adherence to standards, specifically those 

defined at freedesktop.org.

XMPP / Jabber

Instant messaging is one of the most important means of communication these days. Instead of giving your messages to one of the large companies (Facebook/WhatsApp, Google, Apple), you can easily setup and use your very own XMPP server for friends and family and use it to securely chat with each other on desktop and smartphone.


XMPP is an open protocol with many clients for all kinds of platforms. At this booth, the projects Conversations (Client for Android) and Dino (Client for Desktop) will present their selves.


Zabbix is an uncompromising mature enterprise-level platform designed for real-time monitoring of millions of metrics collected from tens of thousands of servers, virtual machines and network devices, effortlessly scaling to even larger environments, enabling to gather and analyze and visualize accurate statistics and performance metrics, notifying users about current and potential issues without delay.


Zabbix is open-source, written and distributed under the GPL General Public License and thus is free for commercial and non-commercial use, actively used across all industries and almost in every country of the world.


Founded in 2005, Zabbix company provides wide range of commercial services like technical and consultative support, Zabbix integration, implementation and customized development services as well as Zabbix professional training. The main focus is on a flexible approach to the customer's needs and the ability to deliver first-class services at affordable prices.

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